Gparted ntfs resize bad sectors

2019-12-13 03:56

First I tried to resize the NTFS partition using gparted of Ubuntu 10. 04 but it failed and also made the NTFS partition unmountable on Ubuntu. I corrected the partition using testdisk and it became mountable. Checking for bad sectors Checking filesystem consistency Accounting clusters Space in use: MB (24. 8)which should give you support for NTFS filesystem in Gparted. Then just open gparted and resizecheck the filesystem. This is all assuming that the check with ntfsfix went fine and the check with gparted did also. If both go bad and you still can not boot with the ntfs partition I suggest looking for another PC than you can connect the hard gparted ntfs resize bad sectors

Red exclamation mark when attempting to resize HDD gparted. Ask Question ( which gparted uses ) refuses to resize a volume that has flagged any clusters as bad. I've managed to get gparted to shrink the NTFS partition despite badsectors on disk using the trick found here.

I might sound like and old granny, but if you have bad sectors and it is not an ancient drive then you need to check if your backups are up to date. Modern drives remap (and hide) bad sectors. Gparted: during a partition resize my NTFS partition gone, how can i recover it? 0. Resize a raid1 ntfs partition. 1. Nov 02, 2010 Gparted says I have bad sectors in windows partition after deleting things. Ok. Is there any way i could do some superforce command to resize it without losing data? Second, if GParted reports bad sectors I would test the drive. You can use the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test for this, it is free available and will test drives from anygparted ntfs resize bad sectors How can I resize an NTFS partition when there are bad sectors? Ask Question Asked 7 years, 1 month See this article for an example: Howto: Use ntfsresizefdisk to resize a partition with bad sectors. Browse other questions tagged partitioning ntfs gparted badsectors resizing or ask your own question.

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Jun 16, 2013 I have an old laptop whose hard drive has a bad sector on it (it's been on there for years and has shown no sign of further deterioration). I am able to resizemove partitions as I like and I'm going to use the bad sector as unallocated space and partition around it. I was using GParted on Ubuntu and when I check my drive it gives me this: gparted ntfs resize bad sectors Mar 16, 2012  Longtime readers will remember the computer drama that unfolded back in May of 2008 when I bought my new 500 GB hard drive. Basically, when I tried to resize my NTFS partitions, GParted (or, more specifically, the tool ntfsresize) said youve got bad sectors on your disk, Im not touching anything and refused to run. I eventually lost the battle and settled for a (less than ideal Apr 20, 2009 Cannot resize NTFS partition due to bad sectors When trying to install Ubuntu, I wanted to use Gparted to setup the partitions: resize Windows (shrink)& add more for Ubuntu to use. Gparted reports the disk has bad sectors. To fix this, I'm instructed to use chkdsk f r and reboot twice then I can safely use the badsectors option of

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