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2020-01-20 19:18

Nobo Electric Panel Heaters. Energy Control System. How it works. ECS Hub. ECS Receiver. Examples of Use. Previous models. E Series Electric Panel Heater. Q Series Convection Heaters. Nobo Advantage. Scandinavian Minimalist Style. Ultra Accurate Thermostat. Timer With a Difference& Adaptive Start. IP24 Rated. Ultra Silent Performance. ChildPage 2. NOBO PANEL RADIATORS SERIES '14' OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Switch the heater on On Off switch. l On, 0 Off. Set required temperature with control knob. Rotate clockwise to increase the temperature setting or anticlockwise to reduce the temperature setting. Min 5C Max 30C The temperature setting nobo panel heater instructions

2kW Electric Panel Heater with Timer. The NOBO E Series Panel Heaters are designed to heat the room using both convection and radiant heat. This dual heating ensures quick, effective and efficient heating. With concealed air vents, the heater draws in cool air, passing it over the element to naturally create convection heat.

NOBO Panel heaters 18 Plugin Appliances 19 Water heating 19 Towel rails 19 Understanding your heater and thermostat controls 20 4. Overrides Overrides NOW 2122 Overrides FROMTO 2325 Overrides CONSTANT 2628 5. Troubleshooting 29 6. My zones and receivers 3031 NOBO heaters are designed and manufactured in Norway and distributed in New Zealand by Glen Dimplex New Zealand. Still operating out of the original factory from 1918 whilst instilling incredible technology complimented with quality heater components sourced form local environments.nobo panel heater instructions Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4. Switch on the heater and turn the thermostat knob to mark 6 opposite the indicator mark (located on centre right of the knob see Fig. 4), and set selector switch to full heat

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Energy Control System Panel Heater Receiver. The NCU2R functions as the receiver part of the Energy Control System. Designed to receive radio signals from the HUB, enabling remote control of any Oslo electric panel heater it is plugged into. Although the control of an Oslo heater fitted with this receiver is nobo panel heater instructions User manual Nobo Energy Control system automatically controls electric heaters, lights, and other electrical appliances according to individually defined weekly programs. The system will help you reduce energy bills, and make your household more eco friendly, without compromising your comfort. Use the 'Eco' setting when you don't need full heating. In this mode, the display on your heater should show a moon icon in the top right corner. Many people use this mode at night to take the chill off rooms. Your preferred 'Eco' temperature is set either on the heater or in the Energy Control App.

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