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Example. In the below example we have paneled the graph using the variable 'make As there are two distinct values of 'make' so we get two vertical panels. PROC SGPANEL DATA CARS1; PANELBY MAKE; VBOX horsepower category type; title 'Horsepower of cars by types RUN; When we execute the above code, we get the following outputVBOX Statement. Any points that are a distance of more than 1. 5IQR from the box are considered to be outliers. By default, these points are indicated by markers. If you specify DATALABEL option, then the outlier points have data labels. If you also specify the LABELFAR option, then only outliers that are 3IQR from the box have data labels. sgpanel vbox example

The VBOX statement cannot be used together with other plot statements in the SGPANEL procedure. Box plots can be overlaid with other box plots. However, overlaid box plots must have the same category variables. Example: About Box Plots

May 24, 2019 Exampleproc sgpanel datamylib. employee; panelby jobcat rows1 columns3; vbox salary category gender; run; SAS Boxplot in Horizontal Panels. This is very similar to vertical panels Boxplot. In this SAS boxplot, a variable is divided into rows. Like vertical, in this also we categorize the data upon a third variable. Example For example, CAPSCALE2 doubles the default cap width and CAPSCALE0. 5 reduces the default cap width by half. Note: This feature applies to SAS 9. 4M5 and to later releases.sgpanel vbox example Oct 25, 2013 Attached is a simple example, where I have transformed the mpgcity by Type and Origin data for SASHELP. CARS into TYPE and 3 columns for MPG, one each for USA, Asia and Europe. I did it the simple way using data step. Then, you can overlay three BOXPLOT statements, each with the right amount of DISCRETEOFFSET and BOXWIDTH to get what you want.

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VBOX Statement: VECTOR Statement: VLINE Statement: COLAXIS, ROWAXIS Statements: Examples: Example 1: Creating a Panel of Graph Cells with Histograms and Density Plots: Example 2: Creating a Panel of Regression Curves: Example 3: Creating a Panel of Bar Charts: Example sgpanel vbox example As you say, the feature to add the statistics table to VBOX for SGPANEL was added in SAS 9. 40M5. The option uses the values already computed for the box plot. To do the same with a prior SAS 9. 4 release, you can use the ColAxisTable. But, you will have to compute the statistics yourself using PROC MEANS and merge it into the data as shown below.

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