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Garmin Garmin offers two models of audio panels: the GMA 340 and the GMA 347. The GMA 340 audio panel controls up to three transceivers and four additional nav receivers. The split mode allows the pilot to transmitreceive on Comm1, while the copilot communicates over Comm2. There are two unswitched inputs for telephonePage 4. COM feature in a given installation. COM Swap Function The GMA 340 allows the use of a remote mounted switch (typically on the yoke) to alternately transfer the active microphone back and forth garmin 340 audio panel pdf

GARMIN AUDIO PANEL (GMA 340) GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Modification PACXL0014 Modification PACXL0014 installs a Garmin GMA audio panel in the airplane. SECTION 1 GENERAL The Garmin GMA 340 is a panel mounted audio panel. KEY FUNCTIONALITY The GMA 340 has a number of keys which control the following functions:

GARMINs new GMA 340 audio panel meets the needs of aircraft owners and operators who require reliability and versatility in the essential audio switching function. Userfriendly, intuitive front panel layout Six position intercom: pilot, copilot, four passengers Three stereo headset amplifiers: pilot, copilot, and passengers The GMA 340 audio panel offers the latest in digital features to reduce cockpit workload and improve communication. Operate with Ease GMA 340 features convenient, LEDilluminated button controls for audio selection of both nav and com audio as well as split comm capability for pilot and copilot.garmin 340 audio panel pdf Jun 08, 2017  Learn the basics and get started with the most popular wireless connectivity features of the GMA 345 audio panel, including Bluetooth pairing, streaming audio

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Ps Engineering Aircraft Audio Control Systems. Fixed Wing Aircraft. PAR200A This revolutionary approach integrating the audio panel, intercom, and com radio into one foot print reduces costs, weight, and panel space. PAR200B Enhanced version of the very popular PAR200A includes new OLED display, IntelliAudio, and enhanced Bluetooth capability garmin 340 audio panel pdf Garmin Aviation Systems Audio Panels; 9 Item(s) Garmin GMA350c BluetoothEnabled Audio Panel, for Fixed Wing Aircraft Learn More. Brand Name: Garmin. Garmin GMA345 Audio Panel with Bluetooth& USB Charge Port. In Stock. Item: GMN Price: 1, 650. 00. Add to Cart. Make Offer Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel Tray Very Good Condition Fast Shipping. Garmin GMA 350H audio panel. 1, 800. 00. Free shipping. Make Offer Garmin GMA 350H audio panel. Diamond DA40 Garmin GMA1347 Audio Panel PN Aug 22, 2012  I getting ready to perform a partial avionics upgrade on my 67 C model. Ive read good things about the PSEngineering audio panels but have never flown with one. Ive got quite a bit of time behind a GMA340 and dont have any major complaints. The ancient Narco in The GMA340 is a very wellequipped Audio Panel. Not only does it have the Marker Beacon section that you would expect, but it also has a Stereo VoiceActivated Intercom system. The GMA340 was designed to make communicating easier and more flexible. And if you add stereo music, it can make your flying more fun as well.

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