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2019-11-22 08:49

Joining Perfect Strangers in the TGIF lineup, Family Matters would eventually run longer than its parent show. Harriette was not seen again on Perfect Strangers, although an early Family Matters episode explained that she had been fired as the elevator operator,Jun 05, 2017 This is the first time they've had a reunion in 25 years! Perfect Strangers Larry and Balki reunite after 25 years! randomninja. 'Perfect Strangers Balki: perfect strangers tv show reunion

Apr 21, 2017  Its been almost 24 years since Perfect Strangers left the airwaves on August 6, 1993, after eight seasons and 150 episodes of hijinks with cousins Larry A

Apr 21, 2017 'Perfect Strangers' reunion! See what Balki and Larry look like now chances are you were a fan of of the wacky '80s'90s sitcom Perfect Strangers. The buddy show, Apr 21, 2017  Running from 1986 to 1993, Perfect Strangers centered on the zany friendship of straitlaced Chicago resident Larry Appleton (LinnBaker) andperfect strangers tv show reunion Apr 21, 2017  Balki and Cousin Larry are back together. Recently, Perfect Strangers stars Bronson Pinchot and Mark LinnBaker reunited for the first time in 25

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