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Oct 30, 2013 One of the systems that makes Perfect World International stand apart from most MMORPGs is its mounts system. Similar to other MMOs, there are both ground and flying mounts. However, Perfect WorldIts important to remember that you must do them in order because without the previous version your flying mount cannot be upgraded. Witin in the emote page (E Key) there is a icon labeled Accelerate. If you use this button while in flying mode you will enter the Fast Speed mode of your aerocraft. Here the speed would be 4. 50 meterssecond. perfect world international flying mounts

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However, Perfect World is unique in that flying mounts are combat enabled. This unlocks an entirely new style of combat and adds a new dimension to PvP. Characters first gain access to flight at level 30, with the exception of the Winged Elf race. PWI is a stunning freetoplay MMORPG where inhabitants of the pristine Perfect World must unite to battle against the Wraith undead creatures who seek to destroy all of creation. Amidst a realm of stunningly rich environments, players can fly freely through the skies, explore dangerous dungeons, or join intense PvP battles for power and land.perfect world international flying mounts Perfect World International Mounts. Perfect World International is a free game to play, and has many features of traditional paytoplay MMORPGs. One of these features are Mounts, which can be acquired in various way. PWI Land Mounts There are two types of Perfect World International mounts

Perfect world international flying mounts free

Mar 11, 2010  Flying Mounts Part 1 Human Flying Mounts. Zuriel's is number two in the 25. 00 group. Same speeds as Daevas at, 2. 5 and 4. 5 haste. Available at level 20, Zuriels blade is the flying mount that looks like a gold flying sword with a bunch of prongs off the back end of it. perfect world international flying mounts Apr 10, 2010  Flying Mounts Part 2 Untamed Flying Mounts. The Waning cloud is 40. 00. It is basically a turbo charged version of Israfel. With speeds of 3. 0 and 6. 0 haste, it is technically the fastest untamed mount available. It has a minimum level of 30. But, again, it is a big goose! Cant do it, sorry. Perfect World International features an indepth mountpet system which allows players to tame and train pets for a variety of purposes. Players can choose to make their pets decorative, battle ready, or use them as mounts.

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