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2019-11-15 19:15

The present perfect progressive tense has two uses. It is used for: (1) a continuous activity that began in the past and continues into the present, or (2) a continuous activity that began in past but has now finished (usually very recently).What is the Present Perfect Progressive? The present perfect progressive is a complicated English verb tense. It is a combination of the present progressive verb tense and the present perfect verb tense. The present perfect progressive verb tense most often expresses actions that began in the past and continue to the present. beispiel present perfect progressive

1. Verwendung des Present Perfect Progressive Present Perfect Continuous 1. 1. Handlungen begannen in der Vergangenheit und dauern bis in die Gegenwart an meistens mit since oder for. I have been wait ing for you for three hours. (Ich warte schon seit drei Stunden auf dich. ) 1. 2.

Beispielstze zum Present Perfect. Auf dieser Seite findest Du weiter unten viele Satzbeispiele im Present Perfect. Du kannst Deine Stze hinzufgen, indem Du sie einfach als Kommentar schreibst. Falls es notwendig sein sollte, werde ich (oder jemand anderes) Deine Stze dann korrigieren. Present Perfect Progressive Tense Example Sentences An action that started in the past, and continued up until the present: You have been watching TV for the last five hours.beispiel present perfect progressive Present Perfect Progressive Tense with Ever Since To Emphasize Continuity of the Action Use the information provided below to make sentences with present perfect progressive tense and ever since. Ex. John finished his business degree. Then he started to work for a large international company.

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Present Perfect Continuous tense represents the work which started in the past and is still running. It uses have beenhas been and ing is added with the verb. Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense I have been writing articles on different topics since morning. beispiel present perfect progressive

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