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2019-12-13 14:13

Apr 05, 2007 This is me playing Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. I'm playing the Chicago level on Perfect Agent to get the level cheat. If you don't know what that means, it means that you have to play throughMission Guides. With a total of 21 playable missions, Perfect Dark is one game you won't get tired of quickly. Each mission has three difficulty levels, the easiest being Agent, medium is Special Agent and the hardest is Perfect Agent. perfect dark chicago level

Chicago: Stealth is the fifth level in Perfect Dark. It takes place in the alley's of Chicago's Chinatown, outside the G5 Building. This one is wellhidden. On the road where the black limo is parked, there is a door behind it leading down to the PunkPond bar. Go down there and you'll find that

Chicago is a reallife city located in Illinois, being the home of many big businesses and corporations. In Perfect Dark, you only explore a small backsection of Chicago. Accessible from a small gatedoff alleyway or from the air, it is here that the carpark for the G5 Building and the secretive Pond Punk Bar reside. The level Chicago: Stealth takes place here. May 30, 2008 Perfect Dark Chicago Stealth Taken from the Perfect Dark Soundtrack. Feel Free to add comments Please RATE! Wow 20, 000 views! Thanks guys!perfect dark chicago level Some think that Perfect Dark is a sequel to Goldeneye, but it's not. If you are looking for a true sequel, then wait for The World is Not Enough later on this year. There, I hope I helped someone

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Tip: If you use custom music, make sure your ROM has been expanded to at least 1MB. Not logged in. perfect dark chicago level

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