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2019-11-22 13:53

Jul 07, 2008 For women, makeup can help make you look great (or terrible) in photos. Learning how to highlight the right areas can help make you look good in just about any photo. Use concealer instead of thick foundation. Use concealer for those trouble spots on your face, like red areas around the nose or dark circles under your eyes.Aug 09, 2007 Method 1 Dressing Perfecty 1. Build a classy wardrobe. A key way of always looking feminine and chic is by wearing classic 2. Keep your jewelry simple. A good rule to remember is to remove one piece 3. Invest in the perfect black dress. All girls know that wearing the little black dress is how to look perfect wikihow

Jan 28, 2008  Look up crimes that your villain has committed and see if there are any reallife connections. Watch videos of the suspects or the people guilty of the crimes to see how they act. Read true crime books to get an idea of the characters and apply them to the villain youre portraying.

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