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2019-12-07 00:08

From MV Drives to HV Solutions D. Retzmann H. Gambach, Drivers will be: Perfect Harmony, Robicon Examples of Building Blocks in Drive Systems now Siemensnow Siemens. 6 E T PS SLRe Power Transmission Division Power Range: 0. 3 MVA 22 MVAService Provider of MV Drives MV Drive On Site Repair, Robicon Perfect Harmony Medium Voltage AC Drive Service, GE Speedtronic Repair Refurbishment offered by Star Automations, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. robicon perfect harmony drivers

Multicell voltage source inverter featuring SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY technology (PH VSI) Power range Air cooling: up to 10 MVA Water cooling: up to 24. 4 MVA

A recognized leader in the Design, Upgrade, and Service Support of Drive and PLC Systems. A recognized leader in the Design, Upgrade, and Service Support of Drive and PLC Systems. In 1994, the first successful cascaded hbridge VFD was designed using IGBT devices. The Robicon Perfect Harmony was a unique design that provided harmonic free waveforms both to the customer plant power grid and had an output voltage waveform that could berobicon perfect harmony drivers Our Highlights Experience innovation and efficiency Try new approaches, set new standards in efficiency, easily overcome new challenges: our drive components are perfectly coordinated and prepared with digitalization in mind, and excel in many different fields of application with their innovative technology, ease of handling and ensured viability into the future.

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SINAMICS drives Answers for industry. The Reliable MediumVoltage Drive with IGCTs SINAMICS GM150 and SM150 MediumVoltage Drives. 2 SINAMICS the optimum drive for each and every application ROBICON Perfect Harmony SINAMICS GM150 (IGBT) SINAMICS GM150 (IGCT) SINAMICS SM150 SINAMICS GL150 robicon perfect harmony drivers

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