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2019-12-11 15:11

Honestly, the ideal height (I believe it can vary depending on how tall you are) for a guy in my opinion would be anything 182 cm and above.Jan 28, 2013 The ideal height difference is around 79 inches more for the man although the cut off is to be 5 inches taller. The man must be so much taller than the women that the girl can lean her entire head on his shoulders. The man should be taller than the girl The man must be taller then the girl in high heels by around 34 inches. perfect height between couples

Apr 16, 2018 Men tend to universally leveloff around five inches taller than women as fullygrown adults. Still, the science of what constitutes the perfect height difference for a modern, hetersexual couple

Height is the least I care about in a guy. . but I personally dislike girls who are way shorter than the guys, no it's not cute. . it looks like a fatherdaughter rather than a couple. . I don't mind them of course. . but when someone claims that it's better for a girl to be shorter, I get angry: D So equal height is perfect In a study by Gillis and Avis (1980) only 2 couples out of 720 consisted of a pair in which the man was shorter than the woman. In a study by Hensley (1994) women most preferred a man who was 72 inches (6ft) tall.perfect height between couples Mar 27, 2014 Women it seems like to be quite far away from their perfect man, as the 'ideal' gap for women turned out to be an astonishing 8 inches. This means the average 5ft 6 American woman would most perfectly suit a man who was 6ft 2 . This aligns quite well with what women on average termed to be their ideal height, a cool 6ft 3 .

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According to The Perfect Gap: What is the ideal height difference in a relationship? Women prefer men who are ideally 8 inches taller than them. Men prefer women at 59 or 3 inches shorter than them. perfect height between couples May 15, 2013  It was found that the optimal height for a woman is 173 cm (58), and for a man 188 cm (62). Statistical data also show that in the vast majority of couples (92. 5) a man is taller than a woman. In 4 of couples, a woman is taller than her partner, and in 3. 5 of couples men and women are of the same height. Dec 02, 2015 An Examination of Height Preferences in Romantic Coupling, 48. 9 per cent of women insisted on dating men who were taller than they were. According to the research conducted back in 2004, the correct height ratio between men and women was more important than all other factors, including financial stability, trust or even respect. 1. 09 is the perfect ratio, according to this study.

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