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2020-01-21 18:43

Jan 24, 2014  The UIRoot component scales widgets down to keep them at a manageable size. It is also responsible for the Scaling Style it will either scale UI elements to remain pixel perfect or to occupy the same percentage of the screen, depending on the parameters you specify. Select the UI Root (2D) GameObject in the Hierarchy.Type of scaling used by the UIRoot. More int manualWidth 1280 Width of the screen, used when the scaling style is set to Flexible. More int manualHeight 720 Height of the screen when the scaling style is set to FixedSize or Flexible. More int minimumHeight 320 ngui uiroot pixelperfect

May 17, 2014 This tutorial covers anchors, UIRoot, Localization, Atlas and Font makers and a little bit of scripting. 0: 20 Example 1 (Anchors) 1: 18 UIRoot: Pixel Perf

UIRoot UIRoot4 4UI Dec 29, 2014 Constrained: The UI is not pixelperfect. An image taking 30 percent of the screen will always take 30 percent of the screen, regardless of the resolution. The UI is scaled up or down to fit the screen's height, width, or both, depending on the parameters you choose.ngui uiroot pixelperfect Nov 06, 2013 NGUI doesn't support pixel perfect on the sliced sprite. The problem is that the sliced sprite uses the game objects scale transform. Unfortunately that is also used to keep a widget pixel perfect so obviously it can't do both at the same time.

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