Destroyer 350 tuned to perfection

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Oct 28, 2010 The Destroyer series includes 340 and 350 models. The numbers indicate top arrow speed, and while most of the specs and components are the same for both, there are differences in mass weight, draw length range and brace height. The Destroyer features the OverDrive Binary Cam, HardCore Limbs, FLXGuard and Carbon Rod String Stop.spEciAlisT, dEsTROyER 340, Destroyer 350. Draw weight on these models can be adjusted 10 pounds down from the bows peak draw weight. For exam ple, if the bow is shipped as a 60 pound model, the draw weight can be adjusted down to 50 pounds. destroyer 350 tuned to perfection

these are my 2 bowtech destroyer 350 bows. both need a lil tlc, but are rth! I refinished the optifades limbs, but don't care to go into details as to how I did it. its holding up after a LOT of shooting. im really happy with the results. its a 2010 riser with the 2012 deep groove cams and

I went from shooting a Diamond Black Ice @ 68 lbs and 275 fps to a Bowtech Destroyer set at 60 lbs shooting 295 fps both shooting the same 405 grain arrow. The Bowtech Destroyer 350 is a great hunting bow and target bow with little hand shock and vibration. Mar 17, 2010 whats your draw? i picked up a 350, it was a hard choice between them though. i have a short draw(26. 5 ), so i liked the extra speed i got with the 350. if you have a longer draw then the 7 BH on the 340 might be a bit more forigiving. either way you decide. they are both great bows.destroyer 350 tuned to perfection Nov 07, 2009  Destroyer 350 and Destroyer 340 Compound Bows Lead BowTech's 10th Model Year. BowTech Archery. Eugene, OR (AmmoLand. com) For their 10th Model Year anniversary, BowTech is pleased to introduce their most advanced bow ever produced. It's called the Destroyer for a reason.

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Dec 09, 2009 Pics of my Destroyer! Not the best but here is the beast! It is super fast! I'm drawing 73lbs at 29 in. with a 350 gr 29 in Gold Tip Pro Hunter. The chrony at the shop read 345fps! My neighbor couldn't even see it leave the bow and for that matter see the Whammy even move. ! I sighted it in and got out to 30 yds with my first pin. destroyer 350 tuned to perfection The Destroyer 350 sample that was provided for this evaluation was measured to have a braceheight of 6. 125 inches, while the axletoaxle length was measured to be 32 516 inches. Jan 30, 2011 After Replacing Cams and String, I had to retune the Bow Equipment needed is an APPROVED PRESS and a Draw Board. 350grain arrow using a 70# bow at 30 draw length. Digital scales used for peak draw and arrow weights have a variance of 1. The Hush Kit is comprised of VibraBlocks, String Silencers and cable muffler, depending on the model. Jun 07, 2010 Ya makes since, i guess thats a good reason to serve the yoke so the string can only settle in two spots, keeping the cam from leaning. baldyhunter has a great read on this on archery talk titled destroyer tuned to perfection. And if you have any? just ask him via pm. I heard Bowtech is now serving the string just bellow the y.

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