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2020-01-17 17:33

A perfect 10 is a score of 10. 00 for a single routine in artistic gymnastics, which was once thought to be at the Olympic Gamesunder the code of points set by the International Gymnastics Federation. It is generally recognized that the first person to score a perfect 10 at the Olympic Games was Romanian Nadia Comneci, at the 1976 Games in Montreal. Other women whoShe was a gymnast that scored seven perfect 10s in the Olympics. She was born in Romania and started gymnastics when she was five years old. She started to compete when she was 10. romanian gymnastics perfect 10

Apr 19, 2016  50 stunning Olympic moments No5: Nadia Comaneci scores a perfect 10 Simon Burnton. Read more More significantly, in the good ol days of Romanian gymnastics, they wouldnt have been

Sep 28, 2017  Life Of A Perfect 10: The Story Of Nadia Comneci. By Taylor McCann, September 28, 2017. the Romanian Gymnastics Federation removed Nadia from her longtime coaches, the Krolyis, and sent her to Bucharest to train at the countrys sports complex. Greeningz was started in order to bring two of our favorite topics together Eco Aug 10, 2016  The country that brought the Perfect 10 in gymnastics 40 years ago had only one qualifying gymnast in these 2016 Olympics. Twentyeightyearold Catalina Ponorromanian gymnastics perfect 10 Nadia Comneci, who competed at the 1976 and 1980 Olympics, won nine total Olympic medals, the most of any Romanian female gymnast. She won five medals in 1976, including golds in individual allaround, balance beam, and uneven bars. She also became the first woman to ever score a perfect 10 at the Olympics. In 1980, she won four more medals, including golds in balance beam and floor exercise.

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The first Olympic gymnast to score a perfect 10 Until the 1976 Summer Olympics noone had ever achieved a perfect score in gymnastics. Indeed, the scoreboard only had three digits, to display romanian gymnastics perfect 10 Jul 20, 2016  By scoring the first perfect 10 in Olympic history, Comaneci became an icon, a cultural touchstone who transcended her sport, her country, even the Nadia Comaneci born November is a Romanian gymnast, winner of three Olympic gold medals at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the first female gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event. TSA Is a Complete Ball Handling, Shooting, And Finishing System! Nov 12, 2016 Nadia Elena Comaneci was born on November 12, 1961, in Gheorghe GheorghiuDej, Romania, in the Carpathian Mountains. She was one of two children of Gheorghe, who was an auto mechanic, and his wife Stefania, who was a housewife. Nadia began gymnastics in kindergarten but she was discovered at the In 1976 in Montreal, Romanian athlete Nadia Comaneci became the first gymnast in Olympic history to be awarded the perfect score of 10. 0 for her performance on the uneven bars. She went on to record the perfect 10. 0 six more times and became the youngest allaround Olympic gold medallist ever.

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