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2020-01-20 19:15

Dec 04, 2013  Depends on how you want to use It. Mega X AdamantJolly Mega Y ModestTimid Regular Charizard is the same as Y. Also Mega X can run a mixed setIf you love Charizard, and have the resources, it would be safe to power it since it's perfect. In terms of its moves, I recommend not using any TMs on it for now because I believe there are better things to use TMs on. Regardless of moveset, it's going down being placed in a gym. perfect moveset for charizard y

Well charizard runs a wild diversity of sets, however most of them tend to be special attackers. So I would recommend running the Timid Nature on Charizard as it will enable you to be fast as well as have a great offensive presence. Special attacker and recommended Natures. Timid for the standard sets; ModestTimid for scarf sets

Mega Charizard Y is best played as an early and midgame wallbreaker, utilizing its highpowered STAB moves along with its nearperfect complementary coverage movepool. The best way for Charizard to get in safely is through a double switch, a Volt Switch, or Uturn user. Jul 30, 2019 Alright so looking at its stats it has base 130 attack and sp attack as well as 100 speed making it pretty ok for a sweeper physical, special, or mixed. Bulk wise it has base 78 HP 111 defense and base 85 sp defense which gives it okish physical bperfect moveset for charizard y Jun 06, 2016 Charizard isn't that great, but Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y are absolutely insane and can sweep really well! Mega Charizard Y is more of a doubles sunny day sweep Pokemon but can work in

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Nov 24, 2013  Air Slash only gives SE coverage over Fighting types, and Charizard Y can OHKO most fighting types anyway. HP Ice and Focus Blast both give you perfect moveset for charizard y Aug 19, 2016 c o n t a c t m y g m a i l For business inquiries ONLY, such as Collaboration Projects, sponsorships, and the occasional fan art, please feel free to email me at YellowSwellow. co Sep 15, 2017 It depends on the Charizard. Normal Charizard is a decent Physical Attacker, but does better in Special Attack. I suggest Flamethrower, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, and Brick Break. You may substitute on or more moves for Protect and Roost. Jan 23, 2015 For starters, Mega Charizard X is extremely vulnerable to a good portion of the metagame (Terrakion, Heatran, LandorusT, Mega Mence, etc. I know it's has similar weakeness to Char Y, losing that ground immunity and becoming neutral to Fairies just really hamper Char X down. Nov 04, 2013 Charizard's base 159 Special Attack is amazing and although it's two STAB moves don't have the best coverage, it makes up for that with the ability to spam Solarbeam upon entry, only Groudon shares that ability and Charizard Y can do it much better. This Pokemon benefits from having utility teammates such as Tentacruel and Gliscor.

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