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My InterpretationI believe this is a more personal song, contrary to the meaning of the whole album. I believe it is about his mother who has been in a coma for 27 years before she died. However at the time this was written (which was before APC was created) she was still alive.General CommentThis is my own interpretation: To me this song is about the way mankind has raped the world. Our conquer and devour attitude. Cater to the hollow could refer to the fact people are generally confused about the meaning life; they feel hollow and purposeless, so they are forever looking for a way to fill this hollow. the hollow a perfect circle lyrics meaning

Oct 27, 2010  This is a video i made about the lyrics of 3 LIBRAS from A PERFECT CIRCLE's 2000 album: MER DE NOMS. Also i took my time to show a secret message from Mer de Noms. Finally, Everytime i

These songs bring back a lot of memories from being with my ex girlfriend. A lot of key moments (and very happy moments) in the relationship happened while A Perfect Circle was playing. This song speaks a lot about my ex. She used to be the most amazing girl. She was an The Hollow by A Perfect Circle song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart positionthe hollow a perfect circle lyrics meaning May 22, 2000 The Hollow Lyrics: Run desire, run, sexual being Run him like a blade to and through the heart No conscience, one motive Cater to the hollow Screaming feed me, here Fill me up, again And

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What covers alot of the meaning in the lyrics simply put is to look at it from a narcissistic point of view. The hollow person is a narcissist type of sexual being. the hollow a perfect circle lyrics meaning General CommentI like how the song puts you on the wrong the foot from the start, as you're thinking from the lyrics the outsider wants to understand the addict to be able to help himher. As the lyrics progress, slowly you'll see that there is not much compassion for the addict, as he's being harshly judged which suggests total lack of understanding. May 22, 2000 Judith Lyrics: You're such an inspiration for the ways That I will never, ever choose to be Oh, so many ways for me to show you How your savior has abandoned you (Fuck your God! ) Your Jun 19, 2007 Artist: A Perfect Circle Album: MER DE NOMS Track 1: The Hollow Run, desire, run Sexual being, run him like a blade To and through the heart, no conscience One motive: cater to the hollow Lyrics to 'The Hollow' by A Perfect Circle. Run desire run Sexual being Run him like a blade To and through the hollow No conscience

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