Present perfect and simple past questions

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Yes No Questions (Past) Yes No Questions (Present) Yes No Questions (Present Continuous) Zero Conditional Quality ESL grammar worksheets, quizzes and games from A to Z for teachers& learners PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE. CEFR Level A2 to B1. Grammar Game Present PerfectPresent perfect and past simple 2. GapFillTypingMTYzMTc Level: intermediate. Present perfect continuous. The present perfect continuous is formed with havehas been and the ing form of the verb. We normally use the present perfect continuous to emphasise that something is still continuing in the present: She has been living in Liverpool all present perfect and simple past questions

The students complete 20 present perfect sentences on the worksheet, making half the sentences true and half false. When they have finished, the students are divided into pairs. One student goes first and reads the first sentence to their partner. Their partner asks past simple followup questions to find out if the sentence is true or false.

Past Simple vs Past Perfect By satie The objective of this worksheet is to practice Past Simple and Present Perfect by completing questions and then using them actively to in Past Simple or Present Perfect English Quiz You got: Correct. You Understand the Difference! You know your English! . Andrew Rich Vetta Getty Images You've got a great understanding of the differences between the past simple and present perfectpresent perfect and simple past questions In this engaging past simple vs. present perfect activity, students play a true or false game where they make present perfect statements and ask and answer 'Wh' questions in the past simple. The students are divided into groups of four and each group is given a set of cards.

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These discussion questions are great for practicing the present perfect or to just ask about experiences. These are some especially fun questions! present perfect and simple past questions Time Expressions in the Past Perfect Simple. The time expressions already, for, since, and yet may be used in the past perfect simple, as they are in the present perfect simple. Remember the following rules for using other time expressions: Use after, as soon as, the moment that, until before using the past perfect simple. This is used for the past simple and the present simple of all other English verbs (not 'be'). 3: We change the position of the first auxiliary verb and the subject. This is for all other tenses, for example the present perfect, the present continuous or the future perfect continuous. Nov 13, 2013 Use this practicegame after teaching the difference in using present perfect and past simple tenses. Two groups of students. A asks B the question Have you ever. . ? (1st page); B answe Present Perfect Simple Past; result of an action in the past is important in the present; recently completed actions; actions beginning in the past and still continuing; together with lately, recently, yet; action finished in the past; series of completed actions in the past

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