Achieva shimian qh270-lite perfect pixel

2020-01-22 21:29

Apr 14, 2012 The ShiMian QH270LITE is the cheapest option out of all the other brands and models. This model comes with the bare essentials without any added functionality. The stand used is the same as of all the other different Achieva models. General user feedback is that the stand is alright but does feels cheap and may be wobbly at times.Jan 01, 2014  Perfect pixel27 ACHIEVA Shimian QH2700IPSMS Lite Edge 2560x1440 LED Monitor AHIPS panel Order Now! ! Your video card has to support Hp 27 Led Hd Monitor achieva shimian qh270-lite perfect pixel

eBay (via Green Sum) has the Refurbished Achieva Shimian QH270Lite 27 2560x1440 IPS LED LCD Monitor for a low 199. 90 Free Shipping. This is about 100 less than buying it New. This has an incredible price for a 27 2560x1440 SIPS monitor. Unlike the Dell variant of this 27, it uses a glossy coating rather than the matte antiglare.

Sep 24, 2012 Achieva Shimian QH270Lite (IPSBS) There's no ghosting and the response times are good. It's a big change coming from a 16 inch laptop monitor. There's just one thing that bothers me: The graphics card I bought (HD7970) is not enough to make games like far cry 3 run at maximum settings on the QHD resolution, but that's not the monitors fault. Aug 17, 2012 Ordered Shimian QH270Lite from seller dhsummer early morning 83. Total cost 275. 90 Package arrives at my door in Georgia the afternoon of 87, I figured it would take twice as long to get here. Screen is basically perfect. There's one stuck pixel. My old SOYO had several stuck pixels so this is pretty good. I can't notice it unless I lookachieva shimian qh270-lite perfect pixel Nov 17, 2012 I've doublechecked your photos and I am in no doubt whatsoever that your Achieva ShiMian is the same model as the Hazro HZ27WC. The buttons on the back of the monitor, the rear back panel design, the speakers, the stand, the bezel, even the polystyrene packing in the box! Everything apart from the badge is absolutely identical.

Achieva shimian qh270-lite perfect pixel free

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