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2019-12-07 12:50

Jul 17, 2015  My vanguard lineup is very diverse with four different vanguards. Each one is from a different era in Aqua Forces history. They all fit well together in the deck. My only minor adjustment is the attack order for each turn to correctly use their skills. Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom, and Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra Drive Dragon represent the LimitKelpie Rider, Nikitas plays back to when Aqua Force first came out, with the ability to swap positions with another rearguard. His other skill of getting 2000 Power allows him to hit the Vanguard for a 5000 Shield guard, and it doesnt even have a GB restriction to it. vanguard aqua force perfect guard

In a way, it's an engine that changes the perceived value of you rear guard swings, thanks to the threat of triggering the restand. Maelstrom forces your opponent to expend more resources, which is the only option you have since Standard Aqua Force cannot consistently recoup resources themselves. Plus, the 3k matters; 4 x Tidal Assault Staple.

Aug 30, 2018 Aqua Force has a good matchup against decks that are unable or unwilling to guard an early rush. An opponent riding to Grade 3 while being at four damage, regardless of what Gift they have, is in the ideal position to be defeated on the next turn. Feb 18, 2016 Welcome to Nexus Vanguard! Hey guys, here's Mile's aqua force Maelstrom deck. Enjoy! Deck List: (Grade 0): 17 Starting Vanguard: Blue Storm Cadet, Marios Trivanguard aqua force perfect guard Oct 11, 2016 Yes please. Sadly, it needs rearguards to work, but it's Aqua Force so if you have no rearguards you should already be in the scooping phase. Commander Thavas is nice if you have 'em. Same with Lambros. Khristos and Tidal Bore are good first strides and can both fill space for your GZone. For now, the only GGuard we have is Flotia.

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Oct 08, 2016 Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom Decklist (Aqua Force) Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom is the avatar card of Soryu Leon in CF Vanguard, this deck is based on performing multiple attacks in the same turn, mostly around fourth or more attacks in one turn. (Perfect Guard), Homeros, vanguard aqua force perfect guard Sep 04, 2016 The game is won by doing 6 points of damage to the opponent's Vanguard. Card Name: Guard Leader of Sky and Water, Flotia Card Number: GFC Clan: Aqua Force Critical: 0 Grade Skill: Grade 4 None Nation: Magallanica Race: Aquaroid Rarity: RR Card Effect: [G guardian (Usable when both fighters' vanguards are grade 3 or greater, and the Jan 31, 2016 I haven't lost with the deck yet, so I don't know what it's weaknesses are other than general Aqua Force weaknesses. Maelstrom is solidly backed by a crazy finisher, and a great crit trigger. If it had a better draw engine I would like it a lot more, but hey, I love having 5 grade 3s in hand if I decide to ride to 3 before my opponent.

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