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In very good condition as it has been very well looked after and stored correctly. This rod is built as a general purpose barbel Avon rod ideal for static or long trotting a float.This was the first rod Edward Barder made commercially and it was the purchase of one of them by Colin Read more. Skip to content. Fine Handmade Fishing Rods. Home; About; Rods. Fly Rods Split Cane; Fly Rods Carbon Fibre; Barder Rod Co Kennet Perfection c2015. edward barder kennet perfection

edward barder the merlin rod with edward barder rod tube sold. a two piece beautiful dark cane with bottle green silk whippings 11ft avon style rod for reel lines 36lbs having a 1. 25lb test curve. a fine allrounder excellently balanced for float fishing& light ledgering. b. james kennet perfection built cane rod 395. in fine condition

constable (bromley) the wallop brook 69# 4 split cane fly rod (fully restored by edward barder) b james& son (london england) kennet perfection cane rod Barder Rod Co Kennet Perfection c2015. 9 of the Barder Rod Co's 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition. In unused new condition. Sold. Edward Barder Rod Co 8 4weight 3piece 2top Fly Rod& handstitched leather case c2001. Model 3964 in 99 of new condition.edward barder kennet perfection Jun 22, 2014 A Barbus Maximus II by Edward Barder A Kennet Perfection by Oliver's And a Fred J Taylor Roach Rod built by my dear friend Ian Tucker, using cane made by John Chapman. All rods are used and are worth every penny. Regards, Hugo

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Aug 24, 2012 280 was a lot of money to me, I had no use for the rod (and still don't) and how were we to know that Barder's prices would rocket as they did. edward barder kennet perfection Dec 01, 2017  Other rods stolen in the Hampshire antique tackle raid include by B. James& Son, Edward Barders own rods including a Chris Yates Merlin Avon, a Fred J Taylor Roach Rod, a Kennet Perfection and a Chris Yates Barbus Maximus Barbel Rod.

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