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Teaching Spanish w Comprehensible Input: Engaging lesson plan for Imperfect Tense TPRS Goals for today's lesson: 1 Provide a lot of repetitions of various verbs in the imperfect tense 2 Provide input that will engage t. 5 turnoffs to avoid. Steer clear to Attract buyers&Make sure to take a look at some of those videos beforehand. cuento 1, cuento 2, & vocabulary list can be found in the cuentos para preterite vs imperfect pdf file. related video(s); Preterite Irregulars ir& ser. Preterite Irregulars hacer. Preterite Irregulars decir. Preterite Irregulars poder. Preterite Irregulars querer. senor jordan imperfect

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Feb 15, 2009 This video lesson covers another 'past tense' in the Spanish language: the imperfect. This video scratches the surface of some of the uses of the imperfect but later we'll go more in depth. Rate Posted by Seor Jordan on Feb 15, 2015 in AR, agreement, conjugation, grammar, imperfect, past tense, regular, song, verbs, year 2. Hola. In this video, were going to be tackling those AR verbs in the imperfect tense in order to talk about what a person did, used to do, or would do in the past.senor jordan imperfect

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