Perfections and attributes of god

2020-01-21 12:58

Summary This essay is a continuation in the study of the attributes and the perfections of God. An important aspect in understanding attributes associated with God is, 'God's attributes do not add anything to him, and rather, they reveal his nature and what He is like' (Swindoll p. 179)Such is the significance of marifat alkamal, that in almost every verse of the Majestic Quran there is mention of Gods beautiful acts and perfect attributes. For God wants the recognition of His perfection so that it leads to the love of His very essence; that is, to the love of Him. 1. perfections and attributes of god

God's attributes, or perfections, are not characteristics which God possesses, but are who He is. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive study, but a survey to give us a perspective of the impact of God's perfections upon our world today. As we begin, remember that all God's perfections flow into one another reinforcing one another.

Perfections of God Belonging to the Attributes of His Nature Faith I continue to feel the necessity to learn as much as possible about faith. It is important to have a correct idea of the perfections of God belonging to the attributes of His nature to attain mightier faith. Gods characteristics, display the fullness of His divine essence and His attributes are the sum total of His many perfections, which begin to be unveiled in the Scriptures. We discover Gods infinite love, justice, mercy and grace. We see His eternal holiness, righteousness, sovereignty and immutability.perfections and attributes of god

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