Wii sports resort perfect game

2019-11-14 15:09

Jul 30, 2009 this took alot of tries and i swear the whole time i was doing these strikes i was venting: P i really was venting at how much i hated trying this over anOct 31, 2010 Since some were claiming to be the only one to have done this, I decided to put this game back on after nearly one year not playing it, but I recorded myself this time and here it is! a perfect wii sports resort perfect game

Nov 06, 2012 Good old Wii sports bowling perfect game! To do this, I line up my dashed bowling line 1. 5 markers to the right, turn my Wii remote 90 degrees to the left, and release the ball late, when the

Nov 15, 2009 This is my best score on the Expert Archery course. The score of 120 is a perfect score. On this set, I chose to do mostly the secret targets, as they are a little more consistent for me to hit Dec 27, 2009 Wii Sports Resort 100 Pin Bowling Perfect Game (3, 000) Wii Sports Resort Bowling 100 Pin Game Wii Sports Bowling: 4 Players (All Perfect Games! )wii sports resort perfect game

Wii sports resort perfect game free

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