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2019-11-17 18:53

Jul 15, 2013  Superfecta PartWheel Math Superfectas (selecting the top 4 finishers) add another layer of complication to the mathematics, and of course create more combinations.   However, nearly all major racetracks now offer a minimum 10cent Superfecta wager.   ThisJun 21, 2013 Horse racing expert Kenneth Strong explains a profitable Superfecta betting strategy called scooping. Read how it works and why you should use it. 1 Superfecta Wheel ALL with 2, 7, 16, with 2, 7, 16 with 2, 7, 16 102 combinations 102. superfecta wheel strategy

Superfecta bets can be placed for ten cents, fifty cents or one dollar. All my examples are based on one dollar. Simply cut the bet in half to determine a fifty cent ticket or divide the bet by 10 to determine a ten cent ticket. If you want to test the system then try the lowest amount affordable to you.

Aug 03, 2017  As odd as it seems, this Superfecta Strategy Review did not include any actual wagering for the day. The purpose for the day was to focus in on the Superfecta at three different tracks. Ive often wondered if the actual field size plays a major factor in Superfecta payouts. May 04, 2019 The Superfecta Wheel bet is picking sets of horses to finish in first, second, third, and fourth position. This bet improves your chances of winning because 1 or more horses can be chosen to finish in each position.superfecta wheel strategy The Superfecta Wheel is used when you are certain which horse will win, but arent so convinced on the exact order of the next three horses. Instead of paying full price for the Superfecta Box, you would choose the winning horse, followed by three more horses to finish in the next three positions.

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The Superfecta clearly offers the opportunity for big scores with payoffs frequently in the thousands of dollars and sometimes even tens of thousands. And, it is much easier to hit than the Pick Six. superfecta wheel strategy Jun 21, 2013 The simplest of all superfecta wagering strategies, a straight superfecta bet covers the least amount of combinations for the least amount of money. A straight superfecta bet 2356, usually offered in a minimum denomination of 2, would cost you 2, and would win only if the final order of finish was 2356. Jan 13, 2015  High and Low A Superfecta Wagering Strategy One of the tricks to successful wagering is making the right wagers in the right situations and recognizing the situation when it appears.   After handicapping a race, a number of scenarios can unfold.   When youre new to horse racing, it seems like these scenarios are countless. SUPERFECTA is the form of parimutuel wagering whereby you select in order the first, second, third and fourth place horses in races which offer superfecta wagering.

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