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2019-12-10 00:58

Browse other questions tagged java jpanel jscrollpane layoutmanager springlayout or ask your own question. Blog Making Sense of the Metadata: Clustering 4, 000 Stack Overflow tags withAdd a JPanel to a JScrollPane. Part of the problem here is that JComponent extends Container, and that's wrong in my opinion. It means that you can technically set the layout or add child components to any JComponent, including those like JLabel, JTextField and JButton. I doubt that's intended. jscrollpane add jpanel

Adding JScrollPane to JPanel? Rus Corina. Ranch Hand Posts: 90. posted 8 years ago. I have a problem adding a JScrollPane to JPanel. I will write some code, maybe someone could please tell me what i'm doing wrong, because i've tried a lot of things and it still does not work.

One approach is to set your JScrollPane's size as that of your frame's content pane, and then set its viewport as your JPanel, which has a larger size. FThompson Aug 17 Mar 08, 2011 Re: Add JScrollPane to a JPanel darrylburke Mar 7, 2011 7: 40 PM ( in response to ) Moderator action: Moved from Java Programming.jscrollpane add jpanel Dec 12, 2014 JScrollPane JScrollPane is a lightweight container that automatically handles the scrolling of another component. The component being scrolled can either be an individual component, such a table, or a group of components contained within another lightweight container, such as a JPanel.

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The JScrollPane size now seems locked to the size of the JPanel I have added to it, where as before it resized to the bounds of it's JFrame window (it still kinda does this but only vertically now? ! ) The JPanel seems to assume the size of the JScrollpane regardless of what I set for preferred size jscrollpane add jpanel

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