Splinter cell blacklist difficulty perfectionist

2019-12-16 00:54

Sep 11, 2013 Realistic vs. Perfectionist. What would you recommend for someone who's only played Splinter Cell Conviction (beat on Realistic. . if memory serves right), is quite a decent gamer, though stealth is not their forte, but is seeking a good challenge without being overwhelming, and only plans to go through the game onceAug 20, 2014  Complete every single player mission on Perfectionist difficulty It's best advised to combine this with No kill option engaged and Tactical style: Ghost this includes stealth splinter cell blacklist difficulty perfectionist

Its just an interesting game mode developed by Ubisoft as an experiment for their longtime seen series, Splinter Cell. The mode is all about a challenge for you, whether you can end the mission without harming anyone or not. Its a basic stealth mission mode, that teaches you to be knowing the tactics of a game, without getting anyone harmed.

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