Skin79 vs missha perfect cover

2019-12-10 06:19

Mar 21, 2012 Just another BB Cream Comparison! I'm not affiliated with any companies or anyone! I bought these products on my own and these are just my opinions after usiMay 05, 2019  The company MISSHA has a motto that would tickle the stingiest ears: Quality should be affordable. The MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream is the epitome of quality and affordability into one, hence its reputation as the worlds bestselling BB cream, with over 30 skin79 vs missha perfect cover

Feb 27, 2011 This is my first BB Cream experience, and I'm in love! BB Cream is awesome. Here is my take on the first two brands I tried Missha M Perfect Cover No. 31 and Skin79 VIP Gold. I'll post a tutorial

But the Skin79 is lightly scented and will fade away during the day while the Missha one has a strong and quite unpleasant floral scent. And the smell will stay all day. So I prefer the Skin79 scent. Sep 13, 2017  MISSHA PERFECT COVER VS HOLIKA HOLIKA PETIT TEST NA YWO AZJATYCKICH KREMW BB MarKa MarKa. Missha Perfect Cover w odcieniu 21 WSZYSTKIE KREMY BB SKIN79ROZDANIE HOTskin79 vs missha perfect cover Apr 30, 2011 Although Missha is a bit oily on me, it is better suited for dry skin& Skin79 is better suited for oily skin like me. Skin79 has a VIP Gold, which is also suited for dry skin Both claim to reduceprevent wrinkles, even skin tone and protect against the sun. Missha has an incredible SPF 40 PA and Skin79 has an SPF25 PA.

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If you are looking for medium coverage with a higher SPF, go with the more affordable Missha. If you dont have many flaws but want to create an even canvas, go with Skin79. My personal conclusion: I think the Missha Perfect Cover will probably meet most peoples needs. It wont break the bank, it gives decent coverage and the SPF skin79 vs missha perfect cover

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