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The Listening Lab: Exercise# 28 perfect modal verbs. Directions: Complete each sentence or question with the correct modal verb and main verb in the perfect tense. Some are negative.Perfect Modal Verbs. You did or didn't do something that was a good idea. The girl shouldn't have spun around so many times. This house of cards would have fallen over if the person who built it hadn't been so careful. This indicates that something probably happened in the past. perfect modals listening

To review the use of perfect modals (must have past participle) to speculate about past events, i. e. , guess what happened. To practice pronunciation of past participles and simple past regular verbs (ed) t or d and the weak forms of must and have. To integrate listening comprehension to speaking, reading and writing skills.

Perfect Tenses and Modals. This course will cover the perfect verb tenses and modals. You will watch fun videos and do practice activities to help you learn this important grammar. If you have paid for the certificate for this course, you will also be able to participate in discussions and Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and much more. More Information. Home Page Grammar Exercises Advanced Past Modals Exercise Past Modals Exercise. Choose one of the following to complete the sentences. Must have Might have Should have Can't have. 1. John gone on holiday. I saw him this morning downtown.perfect modals listening Perfect English Grammar Modal Verbs of Probability 1 Modal Verbs of Probability 2. Games& Activities Teach This Can and Could Modals of Possibility Speaking Game Jons Story Modals of Possibility Writing& Speaking Activity Modal Mania Speaking Task for Modals

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