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2019-11-14 18:01

cPanels command line API tools. In v56 we have added command line utilities for the cPanel UAPI, cPanel API 1, and cPanel API 2 as well. All of these are meant to help any user, whether rootreseller or a cPanel user, interact with and test API functions more easily.Oct 18, 2018 cPanel& WHM version 66 deprecated XML output for cPanel API 1, cPanel API 2, UAPI, WHM API 0, and WHM API 1. Calls for XML API output will return a deprecation warning. We plan to remove XML output entirely in a future version of cPanel& WHM. uapi cpanel

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UAPI modules reside in the Cpanel: : API namespace. Add functions to your module. A single module generally contains many functions. You can cause functions to only work with certain feature lists. Thoroughly test your module on a nonproduction server. Additional resources Jul 25, 2019 Hello, Does anyone have any experience with extending cPanel's UAPI via modules in a language different than perl? I've checked the docs, and they state that the supported languages are Perl and PHP, but I've only seen examples in perl, with no indication of alternatives. Ultimately, I'd likeuapi cpanel Oct 18, 2018 Template Toolkit. For cPanel tag function calls only, markup language that defines how the function's output displays. For more information, read our Deprecated cPanel Tag Usage documentation. For cPanel tag function calls only, a commaseparated list of return parameters, to limit the function's output.

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31 rows  UAPI Functions This function returns the connection uapi cpanel Oct 18, 2018 UAPI accesses the cPanel interface's features. Use this API to access and modify cPanel account data and settings. Aug 09, 2019 Hi, I hope you guys are good. I have a problem, because I was trying to create a database via php script and my host (fastcomet) just allow Cpanel UAPI. The Dec 01, 2016 Hello, I am new to cPanel and session URL calls, and have a question: What is the [max length or the recommended length for a (UAPI) cPanel session URL call string? How many characters long can I make it without problems? I guess that my calls would fail if I don't take that in account Jun 21, 2019 In cPanel& WHM version 82, when an API token expires, the system does not remove it. You must manually delete an API token. You can remove an API token with cPanel's Manage API Tokens interface (cPanel Home Security Manage API Tokens) or the UAPI Tokens: : revoke function.

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