Darts perfect game 301

2019-12-11 17:49

The dart game of 301 is a game of skill. You have to aim well and hit your targets quickly. It also helps to know all of the dart sequences for your out numbers like the back of your hand.Perfect Game. If you are a dart god, you can get out of 501 in 9 darts, and 301 with a 6 dart out. It's based on one or two rounds of 3x T20s. At least for 501, the people who have done it are famous. Want to get there? Start by working toward that perfect 301 out, then just get a second round of 3x T20s! darts perfect game 301

The game 301 ( threeohone ) is one of the most commonly played dart games for both casual pub darts and tournament play. It is a countdown game in which all competitors start with 301

The objective of the game. Go from 301 points to zero points faster than your opponent. The winner must hit a double to begin scoring AND a double to win the game. Your score stays at 301 until you hit a double in. When shooting for an out if you throw your exact score you start over. You also bust if you shoot a number larger than your current score. darts perfect game 301

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