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2020-01-19 14:32

Knotty Pine Paneling. Tongue and groove with endmatched design for an easy installation with little or no waste. Knotty Pine Paneling is available in widths of 4, 5, 6, & 8 34 Thickness. InStock unfinished or prefinished clear in all four sizes. Color Stain choices in Minwax or Sherwin Williams stains.Apr 01, 2017 Knotty pine paneling is an inexpensive material that works great for creating a rustic log cabin feel. If you're looking for something a little more contemporary, though, it's fine to just paint over it. knotty pine paneling finishing

Our tongue and groove knotty pine paneling is 34 thick and comes in a number of widths and finishes. Redesign your home with the Woodworkers Shoppe! (800)

The clear coat and smoothness of the finish is unmatched in our knotty pine paneling. Each board is sanded prior to the application of each coat of clear finish which provides a furniture grade finish in the end with the smoothness of a baby's you know what. I have unfinished tongue& groove pine paneling on a ceiling of 1 room; and on the walls of another. It is only a few years old but appears no finish was applied. I'm not interested in staining I'd like to keep the natural color but it needs protection. Any comments on the proscons of using tung oil (or some other oilwax) versus poly? Any suggestions for the actualknotty pine paneling finishing Many people appreciate knotty pine for its distinctive wood grain and natural whorls, called knots, which create a rustic look. After sanding the wood to smooth its surface, you can use virtually

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Mar 07, 2017  Dont want your knotty pine, America? We have readers who do! Gerry writes: Hello. I just finished salvaging a truckload of beautiful Pickwick style Knotty Pine paneling from a 1950s beach cottage that was being torn down. I was really excited to find the information contained on your site knotty pine paneling finishing You can test whether the wood has a finish on it by merely wetting your hand and putting it on the paneling. If the wood darkens and the water seems to get sucked into the wood, you probably are correct that there is no finish on it. Prefinished Knotty Pine Paneling is tongueandgroove with endmatch and ready to install for a quick and easy installation without all the left over scrap and extra pieces. Simply nail it up and youre done! no sanding, no brushing, or spraying required. The 2 coats of factory applied clear satin finish is smooth, durable, and beautiful. The T& G, endmatched interior knotty pine panels were presealed on both sides, front and back, for maximum protection. It is the same durable and lasting protection used on hardwood flooring. The wood is finished on one side and sealed on the other.

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