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See Genie Skill for a rundown of the relationship between skills and preferred genie type, and visual aid to determining skills' elemental compatibility Although a free Genie is offered at level 1, and they do offer some benefits to making character development smooth, leveling them with XP andSKILL BOOST: RESTRICTION: EXTRA: Healing Ripple of Rebirth: 1: 40: 25: 208: 60 Sec: Cleric: AOE Heal 15 meters 7 HPMP over 9 seconds: 40 Dex 1 second: Only in Water: Healing: 1: 60: 80: 500: 30 Sec: All: 53 chance to remove bleed effects: 10 Dex 1 success: Aiding Ripple of Luck: 2: 60: 35: 200: 1 Sec: All: Increase crit of all allies in 15 meters by 1 for 8 sec: 20 Dex 1 second: Only in Water perfect world genie skill cleric

Sep 13, 2013  xD AdExpel is pretty much like a 'must have' on a cleric's genie. And I also have Cloud Eruption since I'm a demon cleric. Ad& Expel, Faith, Extreme Poison, Evil ward, Cloud Eruption, and Frenzy. But thats just my genie, every cleric's genie is different lol, kind of

Perfect World Updated Genie Skills List by Toxic Usage At Level 1 Requisite Affinity Needed for Skill Only onwhile: Skill Level Skill Name Skill Description. Blademaster, Cleric, Wizard: 7. Poisonous Swarm: Send some poisonous pests at the target. Deals constant Poison damage to the target and slightly reduces its movement speed. 85. 200. 7. Genie: lvl 1 Spirit: Venom Stinger Initial skill (Infliction) Range 25 meters Energy 80 Stamina 200 Instant Cooldown 15 seconds Requisite Class All Fires a poisonous stinger at the target. Decreases the target's move speed by 22 for 5 seconds and increases your own movement speed by 22 for 5 seconds.perfect world genie skill cleric Sep 24, 2011 So, what exactly is a Cleric in Perfect world International? Clerics are a support class character, they are the primary healer in the game. They are a magical class, getting their damage and heal outputs from the amount of magic attribute points they have.

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