What plants can rainbow lorikeets eat

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Mar 30, 2008 Best Answer: Rainbow Lorikeets feed mainly on pollen and nectar, and possess a tongue adapted especially for their particular diet. The end of the tongue is equipped with a papillate appendage adapted to collecting nectar from flowers. They are also frequent visitors at bird feeders that supply lorikeetfriendly treats, such as storebought nectar, SUNFLOWER SEEDS, and fruits such as applesThe best way to attract Rainbow Lorikeets to your garden is to grow native plants. Putting a bird bath in your yard is also a good idea, because lorikeets love to splash around and clean their feathers after feeding. Don't give Rainbow Lorikeets other kinds of food, such as biscuits, bread or seeds. what plants can rainbow lorikeets eat

Colors: Rainbow Lorikeets certainly live up to their name their faces and bellies sport a deep blue plumage, with green feathers on their wings, backs, and heads. They have bright red breasts with highlights of yellow and orange on the sides. Their bright red beaks offset nicely against the blue of their facial feathers, and they have dark,

Rainbow lorikeets do not eat trees. They feed on the nectar of native blossoms, and they also like to strip bits of bark off trees. Step one is to find out what Rainbow lorikeets do and do not like. Rainbow lorikeets love: Pollen and nectar their favourite food is pollen and nectar from native flowers, providing protein for healthy feathers. They also feed on fruits and small insects. Hollow trees these are perfect for making nests.what plants can rainbow lorikeets eat Rainbow lorikeets travel and feed in flocks. They can often be seen hanging from the branches, twigs and flowerheads of native trees and shrubs, especially callistemon and grevillea. They commonly

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