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Jan 26, 2018 DePuy Knee Replacement Lawsuit Filed After Sigma Implant Failed, Resulting in Revision Surgery. The complaint (PDF) was filed by Janet Smith in the U. S. District Court for the District of Arizona on January 8, raising claims for product liability, negligence, breach of warranty, and negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress.DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson& Johnson, has sold approximately 400, 000 ATTUNE knee implants since it was first released to the public in March 2013. Orthopedic surgeons and patients alike have complained of the unusually high premature failure rate of the implant. depuy total knee implants

Jan 29, 2018  DePuy has created several other knee and hip implants, but the Attune system was first released in the U. S. market in 2010. The artificial joint is used to replace natural failing joints to increase function, stability, and mobility. The implant is cemented to the leg bones to fuse the Attune knee

DePuy launched Attune knee implant system following six years of product research and development. The first modern knee replacement device is developed and implanted in a patient by a team of doctors at New Yorks Hospital for Special Surgery. DePuy Attune Class Action Lawsuit There are four artificial components that compose a total knee replacement implant: a tibial component, femoral component, patellar component, and a plastic spacer. Image from Ortho Info Tibial component The flat part that attaches to the top of the resurfaced shin bone at the front of the leg (tibia).depuy total knee implants FDA Recalls of DePuy Knee Replacement System Depuy has been hit with several recalls of its knee replacement system. Friday, April 27, 2018 The knee is the largest joint in the body and is expected to carry the full weight of an individual with every step. Failing to perform properly, faulty artificial knees put the health and safety of millions of individuals at risk.

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The ATTUNE Knee features several key proprietary technologies, exclusive to DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction: The ATTUNE Primary Total Knee System is designed to depuy total knee implants Since the first knee replacement was performed in 1968, advancements have been made to implant designs and surgical techniques. Unfortunately, unexpected complications are not out of the ordinary. Thats what happened in thousands of patients who underwent a total knee replacement with DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Replacement System. J Arthroplasty, available online, April 2017. Implants tested: P. F. C. SIGMA (DePuy) 5. Hamilton WG, Brenkel I, Clatworthy M, et al. Comparison of an Existing and New Total Knee Arthroplasty Implant System from the Same Manufacturer. A Prospective, Multicenter Study. Closed Meeting of the Knee Society. 2018. SRR. 6. Clatworthy, M. (2015). Mar 07, 2014  The DePuy Attune knee system is a total knee replacement implant. DePuy also manufactures an Attune model for revision knee replacement surgery. DePuy designed the Attune knee to improve stability and motion. DePuys rotating platform design is intended to reduce stress and wear on the implant.

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