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Tops Nursery in San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles sells Bamboo, Bonsai, Palm, Ficus, Shrub and Tree. we have provided many of the standard plants requested by architects and landscapers and specialize in growing what you're looking for, we can find it for you through our network of nurseries. Now we are selling bamboo, bonsai, and palmWas looking for bamboo plant so we came here. Mom and pop shop but good prices and nice plants. Seems like they grow there own plants. Cheaper than San Gabriel nursery and smaller place. I bought a small black bamboo plant for 15 and bag of soil for 5. black bamboo plants los angeles

Black bamboo plants are considered highly ornamental for their culms, which transition from green to ebony black by the third year of growth. Therefore, some patience is required to witness this bamboo in its full black splendor. Black bamboo is also regarded as being the most hardy of all the black bamboo species with a USDA zone rating of 711.

6 lucky bamboo more happiness 7 lucky bamboo seven is always thought of a lucky number 8 lucky bamboo In Asian culture, the number 8 conveys luck of wealth. 9 lucky bamboo conveys good fortune 21 lucky bamboo encompasses all (health, happiness, wealth, and fortune) Placement. Lucky bamboo placement is always a popular topic. Tops Nursery in San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles sells Alphonse Bamboo, Alphose Karr Bamboo, Black Bamboo, Golden Bamboo, Maxican Weeping Bamboo, and Oldhamii bamboo plants los angeles Phyllostachys Nigra 'Black Bamboo' is a beautiful and unique bamboo plant. The legendary 'Black Bamboo' is native to Taiwan and China. Introduced in 1827, black bamboo became the first hardy oriental bamboo. New canes emerge green and turn ebony black within two years with sunlight exposure. This is reported to be the only species the culm turns a true ebony in color.

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44 reviews of Bamboo Giant Nursery If you need bamboo. This is the place! You can find many varieties, just make sure that you know where you're going to put, and choose the genus that grows to the size you want. Have fun with it, I combined black bamboo plants los angeles North County San Diego bamboo and landscape consulting, best prices on clumping bamboo plants like Alphonse Karr, Bambusa oldhamii (Giant timber bamboo), Mexican weeping bamboo, Textilis, Golden goddess, Buddha belly, Tuldoides plus many others. Planting and delivery by bamboo specialists!

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