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Bryophytes ( Amphibians of plant Kingdom) Group of autotrophic plants with thallus having true roots, stem and leaves with multi cellular sex organs. Occurs on damp, humid and shaded soil. Root like rhizoids present. Main plant body gametophyte bears Antheridia and Archegonia.Tracheophytes Vascular plants Tracheophytes are land plants that have vascular tissue. They include all plants except for bryophytes. Vascular tissue forms vessels that carry water, plant products and nutrients up and down the plant. Xylem: Vessels that carry water and soil nutrients from the roots to the plant parts. (flows up! ) classification of plants kingdom pdf

Unit 1 Characteristics and classication of living organisms CLASSIFICATION helps us to impose order and a general plan on the protoctista, fungi, plants and animals. Each kingdom is further divided into smaller groups called phyla, based on a few features that are shared by some organisms. For example, the arthropod phylum contains

Division Thallophyta. These are the lowermost plants of the plant kingdom, without a welldifferentiated body design. This means that the plant body is not differentiated as roots, stem, and leaves. They are commonly called algae, are permanently aquatic. Examples include Spirogyra, Chara, and Ulothrix. PLANT KINGDOM 35. Bryophytes are also called amphibians of the plant kingdom because these plants can live in soil but are dependent on water for sexual reproduction. They usually occur in damp, humid and shaded localities. They play an important role in plant succession on bare rockssoil.classification of plants kingdom pdf Plant Classes Gymnosperms Woody Plants that produce naked seeds conifers Angiosperms Flowering plants with seeds covered in an ovary

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Plant classification is the placing of known plants into groups or categories to show some relationship. Scientific classification follows a system of rules that standardizes the results, and groups successive categories into a hierarchy. For example, the family to which the lilies belong is classified as follows: Kingdom: Plantae; Division classification of plants kingdom pdf Aug 07, 2018 Plants are classified into a separate kingdom called the Kingdom Plantae. This current system of classification of plants is based on the evolutionary relationship amid other plants. Coniferophyta (Gymnosperms) It is a group of plants which is primarily evergreen and are native to the temperate zone. There are about 700 species discovered to date. Mar 07, 2016  Biological Classification of Plants and Animals. Whittaker proposed an elaborate five kingdom classification Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia. The main criteria of the five kingdom classification were cell structure, body organisation, mode of nutrition and reproduction, and phylogenetic relationships [evolutionary development and diversification of a species. There are basically fi ve kingdoms: plants, animals, fungi, monerans (bacteria), and protists (singlecelled protozoa). Sometimes scientists like to get all fancy with the names of the kingdoms and use Latin Classification of Plant Taxonomy: Later on planttaxonomists conceived the idea that the plants belonged to some natural groups and they tried to designate and distinguish such groups and tried to classify the plant kingdom accordingly. Such systems are known as natural systems of classification.

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