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2020-01-20 10:22

City of Chicago Rebate Form: NATIVE PLANTS This Rebate Program is funded by USDA Forest Services Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Thank you for purchasing native plants and taking part in Chicago's effort to manage stormwater, increase biodiversity, and reduce the urban heat island effect.Illinois Native Plant Guide Illinois Native Plant Guide (NPG) (Revised ) Page Contents The Native Plant Guide is available online in HTML and downloadable PDF format for your viewing convenience. Cover and Spine Table of Contents Species Information Summary Table Native Plant Species Appendices (revised 308) More Information. Download chicago native plants list

City of Chicago Recommended Native Plant List (updated ) 1 FULL SUN KEY: Beneficial to Insects and Birds, RG Rain Garden Plants, e Edible Flowers (Forbs) Lead Plant Amorpha canescens Pasque Flower Anemone patens RG Swamp Milkweed Asclepias incarnata Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa Heath Aster Aster ericoides

The Many Benefits of Native Plants. All of these changes in the environment have many home gardeners reconsidering the benefits of landscaping with native plants. Plants native to the Midwest have adapted to the harshest winters, tolerate droughts, and flourish in local soils. Chicagoland Native Plants. 1, 881 likes 560 talking about this. This page is about the native plants that you would find around the Chicagoland regionchicago native plants list Native Plants for Chicago. What is a Native Plant? As defined by the horticultural community, it is a plant that grows naturally in a particular region without either direct or indirect human intervention, i. e. , plants that were growing wild in an area before European settlement.

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