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Stake the plant. If the plant is more than 4ft (120cm) tall or in an windy position, you will need to stake your plants and tie them to the stake with a tree tie. This is to stop the plant rocking in the ground and breaking new roots as they are formed. Stake the plant near the base of the trunk (approx 12 to 18 inches 3045cm from the ground)Laurels are an extremely popular species made up of numerous trees, shrubs and hedging plants. Their practicality and aesthetic appearance come second to none as they are seen in thousands of gardens throughout the UK. laurel plants uk

Cherry or Common Laurel Hedge Plants Description. It produces modest white flowers in spring and red berries in Autumn, but both are insignificant and really it is chosen for its vibrant foliage. Cherry Laurel cell grown and pot grown plants are available all year round. Bare roots are only available from November to late Aprilearly May.

Laurel hedge plants from Hopes Grove Nurseries. The widest range of Laurels grown on our UK nursery. Top quality plants, a great range of sizes, low prices. Laurel is native in the south east of Europe and north west of Asia and has since become naturalised in the UK and northern Europe. The first plant was originally brought to Britain from Constantinople in 1576.laurel plants uk Laurel hedge plants are the nation's favourite with laurel hedging of all varieties gracing gardens throughout the UK, particularly the more popular varieties of Cherry and Portuguese Laurel. Being evergreen and featuring a fairly dense habit, laurels are ideal for all year round leaf cover with the benefit of privacy and noise screening particularly ideal near roads and busier areas.

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The most commonly planted evergreen hedging there is, cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) could be the perfect choice for your garden. Its easy to grow and look after, and it has a range of uses. This popular plant is known for its large, glossy leaves and it thrives in gardens across the country. laurel plants uk

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