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2020-01-20 13:05

Adult butterflies are naturally attracted to flower colours that indicate the flowers are good sources of nectar. Nectar is the sweet liquid flowers produce as a 'reward' to insects that visit the flowers and thus carry pollen from flower to flower.Nov 19, 2015  Keep the butterflies coming to your place yearround by growing the flowers that provide the nectar they need for energy. Mass plantings of purple, pink or blue flowers attract butterfly attracting plants nz

Many people contact us wanting to know what to plant to help the butterflies of NZ. They do not realise that butterflies and moths need two types of plants they need nectar sources (flowers) on which the adult butterflies sustain themselves, and the female butterflies will lay their eggs on the host plants. Each species of butterfly has a different host plant.

Wide selection of Butterfly Attracting Flower Seeds. Choose the right flower seeds for your purpose. Providing seed to New Zealand gardeners for 30years. Most of the butterfly plants listed below attract monarchs but some will also attract other butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and moths. These are the plants and butterfly flowers (both native and nonnative) that have attracted the most butterflies to our garden and to other gardens across North America.butterfly attracting plants nz

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