South florida plants and flowers

2020-01-19 14:31

Apr 16, 2014  This flower, also called Egyptian star cluster and pentas, blooms yearround and thrives in areas that frost rarely, which means its a perfect choice for South Florida gardening. These flowers bloom in different colors, varying from red and pink to blue and lavender.A showstopper in Central and South Florida gardens, Bolivian Sunset gloxinia (Gloxinia sylvatica) bears glossy, dark green leaves and outrageously orange flowers in late autumn and winter. Its a musthave for winter color. Happily, in colderweather areas outside of Florida, it also makes a good houseplant. south florida plants and flowers

Floridas tropical, warm climate makes it an ideal area to grow many edible plants. Natal plum (Carissa macrocarpa) has a medium growth rate, growing into a 20foot shrub. It produces white, fragrant flowers, which turn into red, plumlike fruits. There are many varieties of citrus that will do well in South Florida.

Gardening in the South Top Florida Plants Top Florida Plants Pineapple guava (Acca sellowiana) adds landscape interest with its graygreen leaves and waxy, pinkandwhite flowers, and produces an eggsize, edible fruit that tastes like a guava. Grow this small tree, which reaches 812 feet tall and wide, in full sun. Top Florida Plants. Flowers for Florida We've handpicked the Flowers for Florida collection just for Florida gardeners. These plants bloom beautifully and hold up to Florida's tough weather. If you're new to gardening in the state or just want something that's easy to grow, look no farther than Flowers for Florida.south florida plants and flowers

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