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Micro Tina Tomato Slightly larger than her brother Tom, Tina produces a true tomato that is the size of a cherry. This mini tomato plants red fruit is mildly acidic and sweet. Micro Gemma Tomato A mini tomato plant for color and contrast, Micro Gemmas fruit is golden, full fleshed and richly flavored. Kids Growing Micro Tomatoes5060 Days (FSt) Considered to be the world's smallest tomato, with plants only 6 to 8 tall, bearing loads of flavorful, 1 oz. , deep red fruits. Micro Tom is an ideal house plant for windowsills or patios, letting you enjoy vineripened tomatoes year round! Developed by the University of Florida. Dwarfdeterminate. micro tom tomato plants

Micro Tom is truly the shortest tomato plant ever! This plant is perfect for small pots! However, I wasn't too pleased with the fruit flavor. It held an average flavor, but with a slight bitterness to it. If I grow it again, I'll probably do it just for fun, like an ornamental, not so much an edible.

Micro Tom Tomato Solanum lycopersicum. The smallest tomato plant in the world, the MicroTom reaches only 47 high. Plants bear smallish red tomatoes, about the size of large cherry tomatoes. The plants are suprisingly productive, a 6 plant can produce up to a couple dozen fruits. Dec 07, 2015 Micro Tom Tomato 15 Seeds Worlds Smallest These are definitely NOT micro tomato plants that only get 68 inches tall. Mine are well over a foot tall now. They have outgrown my Aerogarden and I have had to resort to pinching them back to try to make them work. Definitely do not buy if you are in need of short plants.micro tom tomato plants The Micro Tom Tomato is the perfect little cherry tomato variety for growing in tight places, ideal for windowsills and patios! This unusual, tiny plant grows to be just 4 tall. This variety produces good yields of tiny sized red tomatoes that everyone will love, especially kids!

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Apr 15, 2018 Micro Tom tomato plants are some of the smallest that you can find. They produce tons of small red cherries that are tangy and firm. Plants are early producers. I like that they are very hardy too micro tom tomato plants

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