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2020-01-18 13:07

Im getting high profile silicone implants however am not sure of the size implant. Ideally I would like to achieve a small D cup. My PS suggested 485cc, 520cc or 560 cc. Im choosing to go under the muscle and with the incision under the breast fold. Thank you in advance! READ MORE. 10 answersAs a very general guide, 450cc breast implants would be regarded as providing on average a bra size increase of two to three cup sizes. While you will have about 20 minutes to try out 450cc breast breast implants size 450

375cc or 400cc Implants for Breast Augmentation. The size of your implants depends upon the base width of your hemichest. Once that base width has been measured then one can decide on the projection of the breast implant depending on what tissue is available and what you are trying to achieve.

Dr. Perez performed a breast augmentation via a transaxillary incision, using 450cc silicone implants, which allowed him to give the patient a fuller look in her upper chest. She is very pleased with the results and her new look. Patient Profile Age 31 Weight 117 Height 5'1 Size of Implants (Volume) 450cc Incisional Approach Transaxillary Incision This 106 lb. patient chose two different size implants to help her achieve symmetry with her breasts. She chose a 450 cc High Profile Silicone Implant for her right breast and a 475 cc High Profile Silicone Implant for her left breast.breast implants size 450

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