Msu plants flag at notre dame

2020-01-20 10:23

Nov 10, 2006  MSU Buries Irish, Plants Flag. 2. No TD for Irish. For Irish fans grumbling about the play where MSU knocked the ball away on the goal line. It was close, but couldnt be overturned. Chad Henne was probably in the end zone on first down last week (before fumbling onSep 20, 2006 Notre Dame hopes to exact r The MSU Spartans enrage Fighting Irish fans by planting their flag at ND Stadium in South Bend after the September 17, 2005 game. Skip navigation msu plants flag at notre dame

Sep 24, 2017  Former Michigan State star Kirk Gibson, center, was the honorary captain for the game against Notre Dame at Spartan Stadium on Sept. 23, 2017 in

Didn't MSU plant a flag at the 50 of the Notre Dame field? Not sure, but I think that was the case. level 2. Michigan State. BtothejizA. 26 points 4 years ago. Back in the dark ages of John L Smith. Sep 22, 2017  Michigan StateNotre Dame rivalry hits longest break in about 70 years. Smoker to Haygood. The flag plant. The rain game. Little Giants. Its a rivalry that spans 120 years and so much shared history beyond the field between the schools. And Saturdays 79th meeting between the Spartans and Irish will be the last before it goes on hold, an underthelights primetime meeting in a series filledmsu plants flag at notre dame EAST LANSING With 35 seconds left on the clock, Michigan State had the ball on Michigan's fiveyardline up by 17 points. The Spartans could have taken a knee to end the game, but instead

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Sep 21, 2017 Michigan State players, from left, Devin Pritchett (63) Nick Smith (93), Terry Love (18) and Eric Smith (36) plant a flag in the center of the field at Notre Dame Stadium following their 4441 msu plants flag at notre dame Jan 19, 2019 Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is far from the first college football player to plant a flag on an opponent's field. Similar situations have occurred several times in recent years, most

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