After breast reconstruction with implants

2020-01-21 15:34

People need further surgery more often after implant breast reconstruction than after living tissue reconstruction. If you have an implant reconstructionsome time after a mastectomy, you might need to have the skin stretched using a process called tissue expansion. Without stretching the skin, there might not be enough to make the breast shape.The information provided by Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery is intended to provide general information regarding comprehensive plastic and reconstructive surgery services for patients in the greater Denver, CO area. Free consultations apply to all surgical procedures and exclude breast reconstruction and nonsurgical treatments. after breast reconstruction with implants

A: Tightness in chest after reconstruction with implants From the symptoms that you describe, the cause of your tigtness is most likely the pectoralis muscle that is being stretched by the underlying implant, in combination with capsular contracture. Simply exchanging the implant will not resolve this problem.

Every breast reconstruction patient should perform weekly selfbreast exams and have annual exams performed by her surgeon, Dr. Liu says. For women with silicone gelfilled implants, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that women receive a breast MRI three years after they receive their implants, and every two years after that, to look for signs of ruptures. Aug 29, 2019 Implant reconstruction after mastectomy may be more difficult since the skin of the breast will have been removed. In this case, tissue expansion, or stretching of the remaining skin, would be attempted by your plastic surgeon.after breast reconstruction with implants Jan 19, 2017 Breast Reconstruction Using Implants Using a breast implant is one option for reconstructing the shape of your breast after surgery to remove the cancer. Several types of implants can be used. This type of breast reconstruction can be done at the same time as the cancer surgery.

After breast reconstruction with implants free

Autologous tissue breast reconstruction is usually reserved for after radiation therapy, so that the breast and chest wall tissue damaged by radiation can be replaced with healthy tissue from elsewhere in the body. Another factor is the type of breast cancer. Women with inflammatory breast cancer usually require more extensive skin removal. after breast reconstruction with implants Implant surgery typically takes place after a mastectomy is performed to remove the breast tumor and surrounding tissue. Those who have implant surgery are usually discharged within two days. You may have it after breast reconstruction is complete. This allows the new tissue to heal and settle into place. Minor adjustments in size and position of the breast can be carried out when the If you will have an implant procedure using a tissue expander and radiation therapy will be used after mastectomy, immediate breast reconstruction is recommended (rather than delayed reconstruction).

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