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May 23, 2011 As primarily annual plants that bloom from spring to fall, evening primrose does not tolerate cold Plant the seeds in an equal mixture of soil, peat moss, and sand. You can plant the seeds indoors initially to help the seedlings get a jump start. Also, make sure to place the seedlings by thePrimrose plants are available in a wide variety of colors and the flowers give off a delightful scent as the primrose blossoms throughout the entire growing season. With minimal care, your primrose plants will thrive from year to year to bring lasting beauty to your sunny flower beds. primrose plants indoors

It is important to your success of growing primroses indoors that these plants be kept in temperatures below 80 F. They grow best in temperatures between 50 and 65 F. (1018 C. ). Primrose houseplants should be fertilized about once a month except for when they are in bloom.

Keep your primrose plant in bright, indirect light indoors. If you set your plant outdoors in the spring, keep it in full shade. If you set your plant outdoors in the spring, keep it in full shade. Watch for spider mites. Primroses, an outdoor perennial, can be grown indoors as houseplants if you provide the right climate. These plants remind me of African Violets with their likes and growing conditions. I find that mixing the two plants in their own growing climate works well. The Primrose (primula) likes a growing climate with cool night temperatures of 5060 F.primrose plants indoors Aug 07, 2017  Cape Primrose: A Beginners Guide to Growing Cape Primroses Indoors. The flower is soft blue on the top, yellow on the lower part, and has purple lines in its throat. Another variety is Crystal Ice, which is a continuously flowering plant. It has small and attractive white flowers with blue veins.

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Apr 15, 2015 How to care for a Primrose in the house and outdoors: Early spring is the time to look for these sweet beauties. In this video clip from the 90's TV series, The Indoor Garden , Liz and Sherrye primrose plants indoors Apr 28, 2018  If you want to keep the plant indoors, it is advisable to opt for the English primrose or Primula polyantha (hybrid cultivars). It would be best to purchase a plant that has a Potted primroses become available in winter. Select plants with buds that are just beginning to open, for the longest lasting displays. Primulas grown indoors in pots are shortlived plants,

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