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Dec 30, 2008 Produced by Tropica Aquarium Plants in collaboration with aquadesigner Oliver Knott. More about ge How to handle the plants when planting them into the tank.Why not just use biomass, or bio rings instead. Same affect and ceramic rings, but a lot more porous, a lot more surface area for beneficial bacteria. I'm not convinced bleaching anything is good for a tank. If all carbon bits are removed, there's no problem if the rings are stained black anyway. Steve ceramic rings aquarium plants

Nov 24, 2010 How to Plant an Aquarium. Planting an aquarium provides a more natural, healthier environment for aquatic life. However, to beginners, planting an aquarium can seem like a daunting task. This article will give you a step by step guide to

Mar 03, 2017 Aquacity Premier Bulk Bio Ceramic Rings Filter Media for Aquarium Koi Fish Pond Reef Filter dead plant leaves, and uneaten food. The ceramic ring bio medias like this one, were deliberately designed to reduce the accumulation of debris on the media, while still providing a porous structure for beneficial microbes to colonize. SLSON 12 Pcs Aquarium Filter Bag Nylon Media Mesh Bags Reusable Net Bags with Plastic Zipper for Fish Tank Bio Balls, Pelletized Carbon, Ammonia Remover and Ceramic Rings, Blackceramic rings aquarium plants Ceramic rings work, too. Beneficial bacteria should grow naturally and love places that are porous with a lot of surface area. They thrive on the nitrate in the water and remove it to prevent any harmful effects to fish and plants. Best Filter Media for Aquarium

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Aquarium Ceramic Rings At All Pond Solutions If you are looking to update or replace your fish tank filter media, why not try our range of aquarium ceramic balls and rings? Suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquarium filters, porous ceramic rings provide a large air surface to help develop the nitrobacteria in your filter, and also help reduce ammonia levels. ceramic rings aquarium plants Mar 11, 2012  I keep the new plants in my small holding tank until they develop a good root system. That usually takes 23 weeks, then I move them to my larger aquarium setup. In case of bundle stem plants with a ceramic ring, remove the ceramic ring and the bottom leaves. Plant the stems one by one in a group. If necessary, cut off the overgrown roots so that you can remove the pot and mineral wool. Trim the roots at approx. MARINELAND Ceramic Rings provide a large, ultifaceted surface area for the growth of the beneficial ammonianeutralizing bacteria responsible for biological filtration. This product fits all CSeries canister Filters. 10 x Ceramic Plant Rings Live Aquarium plants pot potted fish tank weight. 7. 98 Shipping

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