What sort of plants are in the amazon rainforest

2019-11-17 16:12

Plants that grow in the Amazon rain forest include cocoa trees, avocado trees, passionflowers, guava trees and sweetpotato vines. Some Amazonian plant species are epiphytes, such as orchids, mossesThe Coco Plant, White Trillium Flower, Trumpet Tree and Castor Beans, all found in the Amazon Rainforest, are used for many types of medicinal purposes. what sort of plants are in the amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest accounts for more than half of the entire world's remaining rainforests. The Amazon rainforest is home to 10 of the known species in the world. The Amazon rainforest is home to more than 1500 of the bird species in the world. There are over 40, 000 different plant species and approximately 2. 5 million insect species in the

May 30, 2018  The next plant in this Amazon rainforest plants list is the beautiful Passion Flower, a vine that is often seen hanging in the canopy of trees in the Amazon Rainforest. This unique flower is very distinct because of its white and purple flowers that have This is a list of plants found in the wild in Amazon Rainforest vegetation of Brazil. The estimates from useful plants suggested that there are 800 plant species of economic or social value in this forest, according to Giacometti. Additions are currently being made to this list. This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. Flora definition Flora is the scientific word for plant.what sort of plants are in the amazon rainforest May 02, 2019 Bougainvillea is a rainforest plant. A colourful entry to the tropical rainforest plants list, Bougainvilleas are native to South America. They are grown as ornamental plants in other areas. Bougainvilleas are wellknown for their beautiful flowerlike leaves, which grow around the actual flower. These thorny plants grow as vines and shrubs.

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Oct 29, 2013  Almost 400 billion trees belonging to 16, 000 different species grow in the Amazon rainforest, according to recent estimates. Among the species what sort of plants are in the amazon rainforest Amazon rainforest trees support hundreds of species of vines and epiphytes such as orchids, bromeliads, and mosses. More than plants, the canopy provides the structure for birds and arboreal animals such as sloths and monkeys.

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