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2019-12-11 23:26

What is the difference between Dental Implants and an AllonFour Implant Restoration? An AllonFour implant restoration (also referred to as a Fixed Full Arch Restoration) is a specific indication for dental implants in which four or more implants are used to replace the teeth on the entire upper or lower jaw.Allon4 is a technique in which 4 to 6 implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw and the patient can have fixed teeth inserted the same day. It is a revolution in aesthetics, convenience, and function. all on 4 dental implants pittsburgh

All on 4 Landing Pittsburgh Dental Implants If you have missing teeeth in Western Pennsylvania, Allon4 may be for you. The Facial Surgery Center is Pittsburgh' leading All on 4 center. If you have missing teeeth in Western Pennsylvania, Allon4 may be for you.

At GPC Oral Surgery& Dental Implant Center, we offer allonfour dental implants to help our patients regain a healthy, confident smile. With these revolutionary dental implants, we can provide our patients with a new smile that looks, feels, and functions that same way natural teeth do. Jan 08, 2015 A vital benefit of dental implants is that in all their applications, they help deter bone loss. We use dental implants with the following options for replacing teeth. A single tooth (or teeth) replaced with dental implants. Most dental professionals agree that the best solution for replacing a single missing tooth is with a dental implant.all on 4 dental implants pittsburgh The Allon4 system uses four dental implants to anchor an upper or lower arch of artificial teeth. Call Dr. Machiko at our North Hills office to learn more! Allon4 Cosmetic Dentist in Pittsburgh, PA

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Jan 08, 2015 The AllonFour system is fairly new in cosmetic dentistry and is just one of several ways to reliably attach a fixed denture with dental implants. The AllonFour system uses four strategically placed implants. It works best for patients who have been edentulous (without teeth) and have worn a traditional denture for some time. all on 4 dental implants pittsburgh We offer Allon4 Dental Implants in Pittsburgh, PA to permanently restore smiles through implant dentures. Schedule your consultation today. 70 Fort Couch Rd. Upper St. Clair, PA

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