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2020-01-21 00:54

Read more about Afterfire Warrumbungle National Park vegetation The intention of this project is prediction: will the structure of the parks vegetation ever resemble prefire conditions? For example, a focus on acacias, eucalypts, and native cypress pines already suggests that, for at least the next decade, the makeup and spread of these forests may be very different from what they were before the fire.The majority of Warrumbungle National Park is vegetated by dry sclerophyll open forests with a grassshrub understorey. A vegetation survey of the park by Hunter (2008) identified nine vegetation warrumbungle national park plants

Warrumbungle National Park has a rich diversity of landforms and microclimates, and provides a habitat for hundreds of plant and animal species in the area. Flourishing with vibrant Warrumbungle Range wattle, geebung and broadleaf hopbush, there's an abundance of rich birdlife in the area, including species such as emus, wedgetailed eagles and boobook owls just a few of over 190 bird species

Warrumbungle National Park The Warrumbungle range is the remnant of volcanic action that occurred around 17 million years ago. The theory goes that the volcano occurred due to the northward migration of the Australian continent over a section in the earths mantle that was very hot. Warrumbungle National Park. The Breadknife, easily the most recognisable feature within the park, towers 90m above the valley floor and is a symbol of the parks enduring importance and resilience. The Breadknife and Grand High Tops walk is recognised as one of the best walks in NSW, with close up views of the park's iconic rock formations.warrumbungle national park plants The Warrumbungle Range is a haven for plants from two quite different habitats the arid western areas and the more tropical eastern ranges. This results from great changes in the climate over the last 10, 000 years. Plants closely aligned to those found in the Sydney area can be found along with species common to western woodlands.

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