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activity of the plant is reported in Indomethacin induced ulcer model. The mechanism involved in production of antiulcer activity of the plant is due to its antioxidant, antiinflammatory, mucus secreting, cytoprotective or healing activities [12. Reported pharmacological activities ofAntiulcer activity: The plant leaf extracts reported antiulcer activity in gastric ulcers in rats (13). The white mulberry has a long history of medicinal use in Chinese medicine; Almost all the parts of the plant are used as Medicine(14). The mulberry leaves are richest antiulcer activity of medicinal plants pdf

Several researches have confirmed the efficacy of medicinal plants for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease. The observed activity is these plants is attributed with the presence of flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids, tannins, saponins, and phenolic acids(4, 10, 15, 21).

Educational Forum. Exploring Indian medicinal plants for antiulcer activity. P. Dharmani, G. Palit. ABSTRACT. Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) is a serious gastrointestinal disorder that requires a well tar. geted therapeutic strategy. A number of drugs including proton pump inhibitors and H. AntiInammatory and Antioxidant Activities of Medicinal Plants Used by Traditional Healers for Antiulcer Treatment Kanokkarn Phromnoi 1, , Puksiri Sinchaiyakij 2, Chakkrit Khanaree 3, Piyawan Nuntaboon 1, Yupa Chanwikrai 2, Thida Chaiwangsri 4 and Maitree Suttajit 1antiulcer activity of medicinal plants pdf A Review on Antiulcer Activity of Few Indian Medicinal Plants. Ulceration occurs when there is a disturbance of the normal equilibrium caused by either enhanced aggression or diminished mucosal resistance. It may be due to the regular usage of drugs, irregular food habits, stress, and so forth.

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The antiulcer activity of F. religiosa was evaluated in vivo against cold restrained stress and indomethacininduced gastric ulcers and pylorus ligation assay. The extract (100, 200 and 400 mg\kg) significantly reduced the ulcer index in all assay used (Khan et al. , 2011). antiulcer activity of medicinal plants pdf medicinal herbs, which are valuable as antiulcer agents and their use experimentally was evaluated and proved by many suggested that medicinal plant those are evidently reported 2. Findings and Discussion. . Acacia arabica. Acacia arabica (family Mimosaceae ), Therefore, efforts should be directed towards isolation and characterization of the active principles and elucidation of the relationship between structure and activity. There are various medicinal plants and their extracts (containing active chemical constituents, e. g. , tannins and flavonoids) that have significant antiulcer activity in in vivo experiments on animal models.

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